Internet Technologies
and Their Applications


These pages contain a collection of my notes for course 34531.

Some technical notes when viewing these pages:
Those of you who were present at my demonstration on how to make a web-site ought to recognise the structure of the pages. And those of you who were present during my presentation of the different kinds of URLs you can find on a web-site ought to recognise the kind of URLs I'm using. The ideas have been implemented - with some practical modifications. The pages do come to their best when viewed in browsers based upon the Gecko rendering engine (eg Firefox or Mozilla) because of the use of a pre-implemented css3 style (the rounded corners) but will display in all browsers. On the other hand, I'm quite certain there will be issues with IE5.x on Windows due to the faulty implementation of the css box model in that browser. Time didn't permit testing in IE5 Win and implementing of a workaround (and one does excist). Likewise, it's possible to get rounded corners in every browser by using some 'nasty' techniques involving small pictures for the corners in conjunction with css.